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It’s already been a week. We have a day and a half left.residency collage 2018 summer

The sentiment on Sunday seemed to be we all felt like we’d been her  awhile already and had work a lot. Then today sitting in the lobby talking with fellow students the consensus is that, Can it be over alread?

So what? So what is that I want you to know that my journey of getting my MFA in creative writing was a selfish endeavor. I applied out of fear, anger and insecurity. I applied out of LOVE for words. I didn’t know what life I had left. I didn’t know how much longer I might be well enough to complete a program and prove myself as a writer.

I needed this. It keeps me sane. It gives me purpose. It builds a legacy. It is my tribe where I don’t feel weird and abnormal. I’m not judged or forced to fit in a hole that isn’t my shape.

But I wanted to write this to encourage EVERYONE to follow your heart, your gut, whatever you call it.

I have gained so much for my self. I have grown as a writer. I’m so much smarter now (and I’m only half way through the program). The coolest byproduct is this:

allyson story

Allyson is diligently working on her own story and the illustrations to go with it. This is her drafting. I didn’t teach this. She has just absorbed this from watching me create.

This is my heart. I love to write. I love to read. I love to teach others about writing. I love the immersion.


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