To my bff and person

We rarely get more than fifteen minutes to spend as friends…playing a game, watching TV, gardening, or playing music together. 

There has been an interruption or distraction of children or social media. But since Chris’s last hospitalization, our life has become more intentional on how we spend our time. 

Chris this is for you, and the changes you’ve made since being hospitalized after your surgery. 

Thanks for taking a chance on a movie (made from a book) I wanted to watch. 

Tonight was a rare treat for me.

Thank you for helping me transplant the house plants….again…

Thank you for understanding my craziness to try and complete the project outside before the storm blew through this morning. 

Me and my person. (Who happens to be my bff and husband). I’m lucky to have you, Chris!
***There is no big lesson, profound teaching. Just the simple thanks I needed to give publically to my husband. (and maybe you’ll see the ease of seizing the day.